Celebrating 10 Years Of Design

igroup FZ offers an endless variety of menu covers, from wine list menu covers to table tents to check presenters and placemats. We pride ourselves on having a sizeable and customizable selection that will allow you to tailor the look and feel of the menu cover to your establishment.

Choose from a range of custom materials, including the following:

PU (imitation leather)
Wood Menus
Clipboard & Acrylic
Clipboard (wood or acrylic, perfect for specials)

Edge / Book Style Menu Covers:

igroup FZ LLC is one of the leaders in turned edge book bound menu covers. We manufacture the menus to order and can be customized in hundreds of different materials." should read "We manufacture the menus to order, and they can be customized in hundreds of different materials:

Corners Style:

Corners style covers feature four corner tabs that secure the menu insert. These may also be called “catch corners.” The corner style menu can be made in two colors and a multitude of sizes.
Top/Bottom Style:

Top/bottom style covers feature a flap on the top and one on the bottom that secure the menu insert. Top/bottom style is suitable for any menu cover material and is available for different sizes.

*Custom insert sizes available
Frame Style:

Frame style features a border, much like a picture frame, that secures the menu insert on all four sides. The menu is inserted through the top. Custom colors, materials, and sizes are available.